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Negotiating for lower prices on pharmaceuticals and dry goods is a time consuming and labor intensive activity. By joining our Purchasing Group, you will save time and benefit immediately from our already negotiated contract pricing.  Inova Group Purchasing practices have access to our exclusive agreements with contract pricing across several expense categories. These programs deliver double digit savings with prominent vendors, products, and services allowing you to greatly improve your ability to procure medications and supplies at steeply discounted prices. In addition, by using Inova purchasing personnel to place and manage your procurement activities, you can rest assured your supplies will arrive in a timely and efficient manner.

Increased Profit – Many veterinarians struggle to find the time to analyze each expense category and negotiate for the best possible price.  As a single independent practice, your ability to get the best price available can be limited. By joining the Inova Purchasing Group, you eliminate these obstacles and can spend your time working on growing the practice while we help you improve your bottom line.

Greater Control – You control your practice protocols and product choices, we simply make them more affordable.  Many of our partnership agreements are with the vendors and service providers with whom you are already doing business; just at a lower price.  Choose the programs that best fit your practice, and let us do the legwork in getting you the products you want, at a greater savings, in a streamlined manner.

Drive Profit in Our Profession – There is power in numbers.  By collaborating with our group and participating in most vendor pricing programs, not only are you saving yourself money and streamlining your ordering process, you are also strengthening our alliance which increases our ability to continue to negotiate competitive pricing and improved purchasing efficiencies.


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