At first glance the idea of going through a strategic plan in your practice can sound overwhelming. The development of mission statements and vision and goals is a cumbersome task and can be intimidating. Without substantive action items, responsible parties, measurements and reporting structures, all of your efforts can amount to little more than theory that has no practical application in your business.

Our process begins with developing and understanding for who you are, and what you want to get out of your business. We work with you individually and with your team in one on one sessions, to develop a simple yet robust plan that applies to everyone in the practice.

Our goal is to provide you with an understandable road map to follow to get what you really want out of your business by following carefully selected goals and action items that you can address in the next 90 days, the next year, and even 3-5 years down the road.

If you are interested in knowing more about our strategic planning, please call Ky Mortensen at (817) 341-5547.


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