Guiding Principles

At Inova, we are a cohesive team. We have developed the following principles to help guide our
daily functions and decisions.

Doing Well by Doing Good– At Inova we make a conscious decision to put our people and our client’s needs first. We strive every day to find and implement timely solutions to their problems and issues. We firmly believe that doing the right things to help others and doing them to the best of our ability is the key to growth and success for our company.

Professionalism & Respect-At all times, we at Inova project a professional attitude of positive energy, enthusiasm, and respect towards each other, our clients, and our industry partners. Inova employees are happy, competent people who present a professional image and a service approach. We uphold high technical and ethical standards. We reject negativity as an infectious cancer that must be treated and removed.

Continuous Improvement-At Inova, we continuously strive to find better ways to serve our customers today than we did yesterday. We endeavor to continually innovate the delivery of our management services and software products. We encourage and enable the professional development of our people through education and mentorship.We appreciate the value of diversity and we seek out and encourage new ideas and better ways of doing what we do. When we make a mistake, we learn from it and move forward. Our people take ownership of challenges, not fear them. We know improving our people, our processes and the delivery of services will keep Inova the market leader in the industry.

Profitable Growth-At Inova, sustained profitable growth is the key to better serving our customers, our people and our company. Profitable growth will be achieved by attracting and retaining the right people and parting ways with the wrong people. Profitable growth allows us to invest in our people and our company. It forces us to stay ahead of our customers needs and it makes Inova a better place to work.

Good Stewardship-Good stewardship means a willingness to be held accountable for the well-being of the larger organization by operating in service, rather than control, of those around us. As good stewards, we are called to serve. As good stewards, we put our teammates and our customers first. We spend meaningful time talking to our customers. We share information openly with our teammates. We are accessible mentors and coaches. We strive to make everything better for everyone by making sure everyone has the right tools, resources and training to get the job done. We strive to achieve excellence in all we do.


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