Our story literally comes from working in the trenches of both the management and the practice of veterinary medicine. It is the combination of two former companies that came together in June of 2014, Equine Practice Management Group (EMPG) and Business Infusions.

In 2002, Dr. Greg Andrews, a Canadian racetrack practitioner was working in Alberta, CAN, and had the idea to create a customized software program that would have the integrity of a well documented medical record, while having the unique ability to accurately track pharmaceuticals, track costs, pay commissions based on production.  He wanted a system that could generate usable reports to make good decisions on behalf of the practice. The realization of that vision was the software now known as Hospital & Veterinarian Management System (HVMS).

Around the same time, Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery, a large equine practice in Weatherford, TX was in the early stages of implementing the best management strategies they could find, to take their business to the next level. In 2005, they brought Kirk Eddleman on board to manage their practice. Kirk was a former equine technician – turned administrator at Texas A&M . Through the diligent application of proper management techniques and in-depth work done in managerial accounting, cost accounting, inventory control, human resources and the use of a unique software program to track everything, a management system was born that could eventually be implemented in any practice, anywhere in the world. A new company was formed as a separate management entity, called EPMG.

In 2014, the principals of both Business Infusions and Equine Practice Management Group saw the wisdom in unifying their efforts, bringing great software into the management arsenal of EPMG while providing the software clients using HVMS with a management option to enhance their usability of the program and ultimately increase their bottom line.

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